Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blue Hour...

Attempted to shoot at Blue Hour tonight but my pictures are still coming out pretty dark. Hoping to get my settings correct before I venture downtown for some shots. These are the best pics after shooting for about 30 minutes. Couldn't take the frigid temps any longer then that.

F8, 2 sec, ISO 200, 6:34PM

F/5.6, 3 sec, ISO 200, 6:48PM

F/4, 6 sec, ISO 200, 6:54PM


  1. I love them, i can't say if they're officiablue hour, but they're still pretty! Is that your house? Wow!


  2. Thanks!!!Yellow house is mine. Hard to get a picture because the elevation is sloped up. I think I may have waited too long for the blue hour. I kept thinking it was too light and then all of a sudden it was dark. This is much tougher then I thought!!!

  3. You'll get it, down here, with it being overcast and winter and all, the window is only a few minutes wide. In the summer it's MUCH easier, trust me :)

    I took that shot not too long after I was just getting started. In August. Much larger window (and quite a bit warmer). You'll get there though, I know you will!

  4. Wow, that's a gorgeous shot...where did you take it from?