Saturday, February 5, 2011

San Fernando Cathedral....

I was not happy with my photo below and the slant of the building but was informed by my eClass instructor Kent Weakley that this lens distortion could be fixed in Photoshop software. I thought I had done something wrong in shooting this picture but have since learned it is a common thing depending on what lens you are shooting with. Next step, my 19 year old showed me how to use this tool in CS3...I am just tickled pink!!!! This top photo is the lens corrected version and the pic below before correcting.

Took one more shot tonight for my eClass on blue hour and although I am very pleased with the beauty of the Cathedral in this lighting I do see some mistakes that I made namely tilting my tripod up and making the building to the right of the cathedral appear as if it were slanting... at least I believe that is what happened....Lesson learned! Try, try again : ) Opinions welcome! Please enlighten me as to what I did wrong in this shot!

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  1. my friend likes this picture n_n

    you can alter lens correction in photoshop under filters > distort > lens correction