Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shooting the moon....part 2

Showtime....full moon

Let me just say I've been planning to shoot the full moon
for a week now at Hemisphere Plaza looking at the time
the moon would rise and where it was coming up...I knew it would
be near the Tower of the Americas but calculating
exactly where with the buildings was a little difficult.
So I waited....

and waited until I saw it coming up across Hemisphere
Plaza but....

I really pictured the beautiful full moon right here....

when in reality it appeared here....Oh well, my
calculations were a bit off. I waited for awhile hoping for
a better shot around the tower but finally gave up and....

shot this in the parking lot.

and my final full moon shot in the parking lot!!! Good
thing too because the clouds rolled in and the moon
disappeared for the rest of the night......Thanks
Kent Weakley!!! Great eClass and I've learned so much!!!


  1. Your shots are amazing, I love them all! I finally got to "shot the moon" last night and I hope to get another chance this evening!

  2. Very nice! You can also cheat and Photoshop the moon in the top of the Tower of Americas shot. I did that a few months ago and it came out looking awesome ;)

  3. Brian...I thought about your pic with the moon photoshopped in LOL.

  4. Meg...Thank you! I think I've gone moon crazy...went out one more time tonight and the moon was gorgeous!!!