Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Hour....attempt #3

Success....I think?!?! Nothing like finally seeing that blue hour coming thru your lens. After three nights in a row of shooting in below freezing temperatures I finally got it right....yay!!! Tonight's attempt was a last minute thought so I just ran out to give it another try. I really had no time to "stage" my shot just saw that blue color and went for it!!!

F/8, 6sec, ISO 200, 6:40PM

F/10, 3sec, ISO200, 6:35PM

F/10, 3sec, ISO 200, 6:34PM

A little boost in my confidence now...time to head downtown for some shots.


  1. Thanks Meg!!! I was so excited! Funny how you just know when you finally capture it...had to work for that with the cold temps!!!