Monday, November 3, 2014


    This morning we wake up to the news of Brittany Maynard's death and I feel such sadness for her husband and family, but also disgust at the lack of compassion and judgment from others.  Not only did her family have to deal with watching this beautiful young woman die painfully from brain cancer and her ultimate death, but they also have to deal with the ugly wrath of those that think they have the right to judge her decision. I'm not one to get into religious or political debates but this just tugs at my heart. I've seen so many comments that have condemned Brittany for taking her life and I can't fathom how anyone feels they have the right to judge her. I don't claim to know the bible inside out and I don't push my religion on anyone but I am a Christian and I know that my God is a forgiving God. I know that only God truly knows the pain we go through and how much we can take. I know that my God forgives our sins. No one should pull out specific quotes from the bible and throw out condemnations at anyone. John 8:7 "He that is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her." Brittany Maynard made a choice, and it was her choice to make and I wish nothing but compassion and peace for her family during this difficult time.

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    Memories of a beautiful soul...

    Brain Cancer...Just 22  ~ I haven't written on my blog in so long but felt the need to share this beautiful soul that has left this world much to soon. Mere words cannot convey my thoughts and feelings about what a special young lady Rebecca Scott truly was and how bravely she fought this battle. Even as a young girl she always resonated this calm and peacefulness and more so into adulthood as she battled this disease in her toughest hours. I will always remember the sweet 4 year old girl we met by chance in the Philadelphia Airport that started a beautiful friendship between her mother and I and my daughter and Rebecca. You will forever be in our hearts and I will always picture you with this everlasting light your presence emitted. Comfort and healing for Rebecca's mother and father will be in our prayers. Julianne, you were chosen to be Rebecca's mother for a reason and what a wonderful mother you are! Hugs my dear friend! You have an angel watching over you now ♥ 

    Fly sweet angel and soar into the heavens♥
    Rebecca Scott
    Carrington and Rebecca
    Rebecca and Carrington 
     Halloween in Italy...Rebecca and Carrington
     Carrington and Rebecca in Virginia Beach
     Carrington and Rebecca in Virginia Beach
    Rebecca and Carrington in South Carolina 
    Rebecca and Carrington in Finlay Park, SC
     The horizon to remind you of your courage,
    sends its gentle waves
     of confidence to kiss your feet

    Please donate to the to help find a cure!

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    Yep, this just happened

    I normally like to start my mornings off calmly with a cup of coffee and the news and letting the dog out in the backyard. 
    So much for calm this morn!
     Who turned the water on at 7:30am???
     I have one of those dogs that goes berserk over the water sprinklers and you can imagine what happened next. Once I realized I had lost all control of the situation I just grabbed the camera and a towel and enjoyed the circus. Aaaah! To be a dog...

    and the fun is over and the clean-up begins...myself included.
     Enjoy your morning : )

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Finding the beauty around you...

    In recent weeks I've really been missing the four seasons and the colors of fall
    but discovered a different kind of beauty in the Hill Country of Texas.
    It may not be the colors I was seeking but while the rest of the country was
    getting hit with snowstorms and cold temperatures I was enjoying the beautiful
    grasses blowing in the wind....

    The monarch butterflies migrating south...

    A water lily blooming among the reflections of the trees...

    Beautiful rows of flowers thriving despite the drought...

    The fields of pinks and golds in the meadow...

    And the beautiful blues of Salvia
    with the empty rows awaiting Spring.

    Seek and you shall discover the beauty all around you....

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Two Goons...

    {Hays Street Bridge}

    Two Goons...
    Not really but that's the text I received from the car while trying to scope out night shots at the Hays Street Bridge in San Antonio, Texas.

    I've been wanting to shoot this historical bridge for so long and the views are just fantastic so yesterday I finally decided to check this spot out and try to look at the possibilties of a night shoot. Not sure that's going to happen unless I have back-up and body guards. I was able to get 4 shots off before I headed back to the car with seedy looking characters staring down my husband and I and checking out our car. This was the best two shots I got and I'm hoping to figure out a way to return because the possibilities of a fabulous photo are just waiting for me!!!

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Capturing moments thru the lens...


    I love just randomly stopping and capturing moments thru
    my lens and taking note of the details
    most would never notice. Photography has brought back the
    childhood beauty in everyday life that I somehow lost
    along the way...the time when we use to lie in
    the grass and just stare at the clouds.
    On a recent trip to South Carolina to visit a friend I found those
    moments but not in the fabulous shots I was hoping to
    compose but in the random shots along the way...

    Without my camera I probably would never have taken
    note of the water pump in the cemetery...

    Or the dandelion on the side of the road...

    The magnolia bloom hanging down low enough to
    capture up close...

    The hydrangea bush next to the park in the small town
    of McCellanville...

    Or my friend capturing her moment thru the lens...

    A Beautiful Tree

    Our Girls...

    Or my own moment with a dear friend...
    Capturing those moments thru the lens freezes
    that image in time to revisit a memory