Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Capturing moments thru the lens...


I love just randomly stopping and capturing moments thru
my lens and taking note of the details
most would never notice. Photography has brought back the
childhood beauty in everyday life that I somehow lost
along the way...the time when we use to lie in
the grass and just stare at the clouds.
On a recent trip to South Carolina to visit a friend I found those
moments but not in the fabulous shots I was hoping to
compose but in the random shots along the way...

Without my camera I probably would never have taken
note of the water pump in the cemetery...

Or the dandelion on the side of the road...

The magnolia bloom hanging down low enough to
capture up close...

The hydrangea bush next to the park in the small town
of McCellanville...

Or my friend capturing her moment thru the lens...

A Beautiful Tree

Our Girls...

Or my own moment with a dear friend...
Capturing those moments thru the lens freezes
that image in time to revisit a memory


  1. I love this post. Not because it's us but because it's so authentic and poetic! You have a gift, my friend!