Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Memories of a beautiful soul...

Brain Cancer...Just 22  ~ I haven't written on my blog in so long but felt the need to share this beautiful soul that has left this world much to soon. Mere words cannot convey my thoughts and feelings about what a special young lady Rebecca Scott truly was and how bravely she fought this battle. Even as a young girl she always resonated this calm and peacefulness and more so into adulthood as she battled this disease in her toughest hours. I will always remember the sweet 4 year old girl we met by chance in the Philadelphia Airport that started a beautiful friendship between her mother and I and my daughter and Rebecca. You will forever be in our hearts and I will always picture you with this everlasting light your presence emitted. Comfort and healing for Rebecca's mother and father will be in our prayers. Julianne, you were chosen to be Rebecca's mother for a reason and what a wonderful mother you are! Hugs my dear friend! You have an angel watching over you now ♥ 

Fly sweet angel and soar into the heavens♥
Rebecca Scott
Carrington and Rebecca
Rebecca and Carrington 
 Halloween in Italy...Rebecca and Carrington
 Carrington and Rebecca in Virginia Beach
 Carrington and Rebecca in Virginia Beach
Rebecca and Carrington in South Carolina 
Rebecca and Carrington in Finlay Park, SC
 The horizon to remind you of your courage,
sends its gentle waves
 of confidence to kiss your feet

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  1. Simply beautiful Cathy it touched my heart and so did this beautiful girl.