Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunset over the Tidal Basin....

Another shot of the Cherry Blossoms as the sun was

An HDR shot merged in Photomatix and processed further
in CS3 with Tonal Contrast and Viveza 2. I'm really trying
to go for a very natural HDR effect. Please let me know what

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chasing a cloud...thru the lens

Was hoping for some storm action in San Antonio tonight for some lightning shots but instead captured this lone storm cloud off in the distance. Was very impressive and beautiful!


So my big fluffy white cloud has a name courtesy of our local
meteorologist....a cumulonimbus cloud.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I've recently become interested in Macro photography but not to the point that I think it is something I would do on a regular basis so I was very interested in this Adapter/filter that I've been hearing so much about among other Nikon users that you just pop on the end of your zoom lens. The cost is pretty low at $49.00 compared to the Nikon macro lens which is approximately $900 so I decided to order it and give it a try. I just received my filter the other day and was so excited to start using it but after attempting to focus in on a butterfly for about a half hour and not being able to see a thing through my lens I finally had to fire off an email to a friend and ask for help. I obviously did not do enough research because I had no idea you had to be approximately 8" from your subject to be able to focus in on an object or see anything.....Ok, ok what did I expect for $49.00 anyway?!?! Well, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the focus of the filter. I'm still a little frustrated and find it hard to compose my shot when I'm spending so much time trying to focus in on my subject but for $49.00 maybe it's worth it to play around with it a little more and see if I'm really interested in Macro....Just a few shots straight out of my camera today from my Easter Bouquet....


.....thru the lens

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Over the rooftops of Frederick by night....

After taking a night photography eClass with Kent Weakley I have been obsessed with capturing Blue Hour....what a magical time and only a short period in which to capture it. You scope out your area, set up your camera and wait for those few precious moments after sunset when you can capture the beautiful blues in the night sky. After spending a month in Frederick, Md while taking care of my mother I had a limited amount of time to get out and shoot pictures...many of those evenings were spent on the rooftop parking garages in chilly weather just trying to capture that magical time and I have to say just looking out over the spires of the city was magical in its own way....

Trinity Chapel

This shot had me backed up into a corner of the parking garage
to capture all of the spires and no other option but to shoot
the lamppost in there too....I kind of like it though.

All Saints' Episcopal Church

All Saints' Episcopal Church

St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church's to Blue Hour thru the lens

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baker Park Covered Footbridge...Frederick, Maryland

There is something about the covered bridges scattered around the country...this bridge just happens to be in the middle of a park in Frederick, Maryland where people walk their dogs and children ride their bikes. I had been looking for this bridge and finally came upon it on a lovely spring afternoon as the weeping willow was just starting to sprout its new leaves blowing in the wind.

This is an HDR photo merged in photomatix and edited with Color Efex Pro
and Viveza 2...I had a bit of trouble with some halo in the sky around the trees
but I think I finally was able to blend that in. I attempted to blend another exposure of the sky into the photo but that proved a bit difficult with the color behind the trees. I'm still in the
learning process of this HDR photography so all opinions welcome!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cherry Blossoms....

After spending 4 weeks in Maryland with the cold temperatures the sun finally came out and the day warmed up just in time to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom...a little beyond their peak but nevertheless still beautiful!!! shot, 3 exposures shot, 3 exposures

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stormy Night....

Just recently spent a month in Frederick, Maryland taking care of my mother and I was able to spend some time shooting some pics around this historical town. I never realized how beautiful Frederick was and it seemed like there was always another surprise around the corner. As is typical in older towns it's a little difficult sometimes to get the shots of the churches from street level because of the narrow roads and power lines or cars parked up and down the street so most of my time time was spent on top of parking garages shooting over the rooftops. Here is the first in a series of the churches I shot....

Stormy Night....
This shot is HDR and it's a little overdone from how I typically process
a shot but I think it adds to the overall feeling of the night.

After the storm....