Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Over the rooftops of Frederick by night....

After taking a night photography eClass with Kent Weakley I have been obsessed with capturing Blue Hour....what a magical time and only a short period in which to capture it. You scope out your area, set up your camera and wait for those few precious moments after sunset when you can capture the beautiful blues in the night sky. After spending a month in Frederick, Md while taking care of my mother I had a limited amount of time to get out and shoot pictures...many of those evenings were spent on the rooftop parking garages in chilly weather just trying to capture that magical time and I have to say just looking out over the spires of the city was magical in its own way....

Trinity Chapel

This shot had me backed up into a corner of the parking garage
to capture all of the spires and no other option but to shoot
the lamppost in there too....I kind of like it though.

All Saints' Episcopal Church

All Saints' Episcopal Church

St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church's to Blue Hour thru the lens

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