Monday, April 25, 2011


I've recently become interested in Macro photography but not to the point that I think it is something I would do on a regular basis so I was very interested in this Adapter/filter that I've been hearing so much about among other Nikon users that you just pop on the end of your zoom lens. The cost is pretty low at $49.00 compared to the Nikon macro lens which is approximately $900 so I decided to order it and give it a try. I just received my filter the other day and was so excited to start using it but after attempting to focus in on a butterfly for about a half hour and not being able to see a thing through my lens I finally had to fire off an email to a friend and ask for help. I obviously did not do enough research because I had no idea you had to be approximately 8" from your subject to be able to focus in on an object or see anything.....Ok, ok what did I expect for $49.00 anyway?!?! Well, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the focus of the filter. I'm still a little frustrated and find it hard to compose my shot when I'm spending so much time trying to focus in on my subject but for $49.00 maybe it's worth it to play around with it a little more and see if I'm really interested in Macro....Just a few shots straight out of my camera today from my Easter Bouquet....


.....thru the lens

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